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FUELING with several highly skilled companies we can provide Fuel arrangements at very competitive rates.

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CARGO & MILITARY FLIGHTS When no two flights are the same, you need a solution that is up to the challenge we supports all the advanced route and filing needs of a Cargo and military operation. Save time, save money with Sky Aviation.
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CHARTER, AIR AMBULANCE & GROUP FLIGHTS Our professional and service-oriented team is at your fingertips 24/7 with one flat rate. No hidden fees, no-end surprises. Just simple accounting so you can set it and forget it. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight.
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CATERING with several highly skilled catering companies we can provide great level of catering service with loading on aircraft.
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AIRLINE REPRESENTATION We understand the specific needs of our airline partners and can tailor our services accordingly – from full service to one off support. Our ability to deliver positive outcomes is testimony to our extensive and diverse portfolio of airline brands. Our employees working for our airline clients have an unmatched level of expertise and experience in the aviation sector with our employees having 10+ years in the airline industry.
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OPERPERATIONS  Your flight is overflying or landing our operations team (24/07) hrs take care of all permissions and slot. Our Services provide individual solutions for everyone. We carry out all services with speed and precision. Coordinated processes, qualified staff, guarantee maximum flexibility and reliability for turning around aircraft on time.
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GROUND HANDLING SUPERVISION Sky Aviation help you to save on personnel costs and to improve the quality of the ground handling by offering you professional handling supervision for both passenger and cargo activities by well trained, experienced and airline minded supervisors at reasonable rates. There are dozens of potential issues that may lead to a delay. We work to solve them before they become a problem, or minimize their effects if unavoidable. Specifications of your Ground Operations Manual are followed, etc. Any issue we can handle ourselves will be duly solved, keeping the airline informed. If needed, we will contact the operations department and wait for their instructions. We also act as a bridge to the crew, providing those with any last minute info from their operations department. We are used to face any problem and our staff is trained to make things easier.
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TRANSPORT AND HOTAC Keep following up to insure on time transportation. Providing you with hotels that meet your cost and preferred rates, location, and amenity requirements.
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